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. [18 Apr 2004|09:56pm]
[ mood | okay ]

I read and I get sad. I don't think I should read anymore.

I've found that my foster family is kinda... well say...

Ugly, lol.

Not that I'm a looker... lol


I don't mean to bitch. [16 Apr 2004|02:41am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

I really don't. I'm trying to learn tolerance for other but it's very hard you know. And there are just those specific people who are like nails driving into my skull. It's crazy.

I find people to be ridiculous. Really I do.

I believe that imitation(when done shabbily) isn't the highest form of flattery.

When it's done tastefully then that's a different story.

The Lost & Found, by Rasputina is awsome. All the songs are delightful. The do covers from Pink Floyd, Patricia Benatar, Marilyn Manson. There are some other but, I don't feel like remembering them. heh.

Rasputina, the only good thing left in the world. No I really shouldn't say that. The Punk scene is also a good thing. Oh yeah(didn't tell until now) sometime in May(I believe) I'm going to a local punk show with Betsy and she's introducing me to the local punk scene. Should be fun, I think Kayleigh is going too. Don't remember, but I do remember talking about it after school when we stayed after for Ms. Matthews. She's fun teacher. I remember when she was a student teacher in Mr. Caulderwood's class. Yeah I can remember!

Well. I think that's it. Byeee.

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A survey [11 Apr 2004|10:03pm]
I am going to fill this out with my deviantART pesudo personality and see what comes up! Yey me!

Current location: My house.
Where were you born: In Syracuse, on the 14th of July 1888.
What type of music do you like most: Pesudo "Goth"/Symphonic rock, the 80's of course, and the genuine punk stuff.
Who's one of your good friends?: Nomadic travellers don't have many close friend, but we make aquentiences along or travels.

Family -
Parents names: Albert & RuthAnn(Mind you I was not consieved by penetration, yes it's true).
Do you have any pets, what kind?: Guinea Pig, and Conary.
What are their names: Sweet Oscar and Mr. E Leon Runis.

Favorites -
Food: I do have a love for the Orient, especially Japanese.
Drink: Black Current tea(I've found the best for diving with).
Color: Black it doesn't show the dirt, and is appropriate for all ocasions... mind you.
Movie: A small takie call Clock Watcher.
Documentary: I do not believe that I've one of those, which I regret.
Celebrity: The young and talented Mr. Jonny Depp. I've been with Mr. Jonny Depp and have told him what a stunning man he is, but always seems to run. It's a kind of love, hate, fear relationship.
Number: 2(Numerology)
Candy: I find it rotts the teach, unless in moderation.
School subject: I've a keeness for English and art.
Holiday: St. Waspurgis Eve.
Radio station: I don't use the invention of the radio much anymore.
Place: Anywhere, I find all places to be nice and full of knowledge, I am a knowledge seeker.
Flower: The Calla Lily and Easter Lily. I also find the sent of roses plesent and also Lilac too. All flower have such nice proporities, I truly cannot pick just one.
Scent: I really want to experience the new sent convected by Ms. Anna Sui and the scent of Melora's Brain Drippings, but haven't as yet, but I just know I will.
Magazine: The lovely magazines with the modern and contemperary body art in them.
Candy bar: Miss. Mai's Sugar Cholocate Spice Crunch Bar.
TV channel: I don't really watcher the moving pictures of the television, I like books more.
Store: While traveling along war trenches with my band of gypsies I've found many unique shops which I've admired.
Fast food: I've travelled many a time to the Wendy's which is just lovely.
Restaurant: I get hand out from many.
Language: French, Romanian, German, and Russian are the best.
Time of day: All times of the day and evening.
State: I'm always travelling all of them are nice.
Boys name: Jonathan(TeBees)
Girls name: Melora, Zoe
Month: July
Shampoo: White Lilly Hair Cleanser by Sears & Robuck.
Possesion: Trusty mortar and pestle, pen and journal.

Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend: I saw nay; I tend to make lamp shades and furnature from old boyfriend and girlfriend skins. They are cheep and easy to make, and everyone loves them, they're a the best!
Do you love anyone right now: Yes
Have you ever been in love: Yes I've fallen into the melodramatic embrace of love once or twice.
Who was your first kiss: Jonathan Tebees
How many hearts of have you broken: They got what they deserve.
How many people broke your heart: I'm unbreakable.

Last -
Thing you ate: An apple
Thing you drank: Water
Place you went: Then general store.
Person you kissed: Jonathan, he just keeps coming around.
Person you hugged: Justin, that skamp!
Person you fucked: Satan, well he was standing at the crossroads one day and...
Person you talked to: Mother
Person you IMed: No one, I rath don't like to.
Song you heard: Secret Message/ Rasputina

Currents -
Current Clothes: Cloths made from the finiest cloth around the world.
Current Mood: Living.
Current Taste: Saliva.
Current Hair: Black.
Current Annoyance: I'm to be moving along soon with my band of gypsies.
Current Desktop Picture: The most beautiful Ville Vallo
Current Refreshment: Tomorrow is Monday
Current Worry: The world is my oaster.

Misc -
Are you artistic: Yes, the thousands of mourels and painting can prove that.
Are you athletic: I learned from a man in India the ancient practice of Yoga.
Are you a brat: I like to think of myself as a magpie
Do you like spiders: Yes.
Do you really care what other people think of you? No.
Can you do anything freakish with your body? I can prick and pierce it, cut and bruse it, on command.
What are you listening to? Nothing
If you could be anywhere, where would you be? Anywhere.
Makeup or natural look? Natural

Opinions -
The Morning After Pill: Unless you want to.
Premarrital sex: Same.
Drug/Alcohol use: All used in moderation.
Abortion: No, your killing a living thing in you.
Prisoner's Rights: Depends on the prisioner.
2 ...out of many are...| ...Androginous.

New Activity [04 Apr 2004|09:13pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey guys,
So this weekend was full of fun stuff... Friday I went to the mall with Betsy and we ment up with Kial. We watched Jared "hit-on" girl. Which was really stupid because he's a total wuss and didn't. So Betsy and I walked around, looked for Kial. Then we met back up with Jared and Mitch, etc. And we went to Toys R' Us. Which was boring, so we went to A.C. Moore and then we went back to the mall so I could meet up with my mom. Them Mama and I went to Gino's and Joe's to get some food, Sara works there now so it was hella fun. Then we went home. But that day was good I got some nice stuff from A.C. Moore.

Saturday, I went to the mall again with Angela, I feel like such a mall rat. Anyway I got a book at Waldens. Which I am thinking of reading for my last semester of independent reading. I don't know yet, I though of doing like Kurt Cobain's biography, I don't know one of them. But I was really thinking of doing a biography for some reason. Anyway yeah. We just walked around some freshmen people looked at us and then mama came and got us. We went to Gino's and Joe's, I got some chicken wrap and we talked with Sara agagin. Fun stuff

Sunday, I found some old skates in the basement and I was playing with them today in the house. Skating is fun. And these are your run of the mill roller blandes which were created by the Devil and all his nastiness. These are four wheel next to each other down the sol of the foot. Yeah vintage. So yeah roller skating is my new thing. I have to try and find some plastic wheels for them so I can go outside with them, right now they are rubber and are made for wood floors only.... :(

I will find!

And that was about it. I listened to madd msuic and wrote in my paper journal which is always fun...

And that's it...



Eh [01 Apr 2004|04:36pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Today was good, I think. Yes, actually it was. Everything was endourable.

I stayed after for Ms. W. We talked about music and stuff. It was fun. She gave me some music she likes to sample.

Took the late bus, came home.

That's it.



[30 Mar 2004|08:07pm]
[ mood | Unknown ]

My English teacher asked us what we were afrid of. I said I was afraid of stupid people

So, people are stupid... or atleast a majority of them

That sums it up...


That's the Ticket!! [28 Mar 2004|11:32am]
[ mood | Vintage Victorian ]

Hey Everybody....

I opened my windows today and it was nice and comfortable... Lovely spring is here finally. I'm at piece. I think I shall clean today I don't know. I started as of just recently because I was tripping quite a bit. And well tripping isn't that much fun.

Maybe I will get gussied up and go outside and take some pictures of the still dead trees and the muddy ground. Yea, sounds like a plan.

I was using the lovely invention called The AIM. Well let me tell you it's an inovation people don't have to be in person to talk anymore, don't really have to write letter wow or even verbally talk. How... how crippling. Anyway I digress. I was reading those lovely "Away Message" though I have great suspission weither people are "away" or not. Anyway I digress... I love the ones with the message with the "Call(Or Hit us up) or just come over". I vividly remember these from my last summer, they were ever-so-much fun. To the extent of maddness.

Oh well, lets talk of the next day. It's a day one in this thing which we refer to as "block" schedualing. Which mean I have the day of what the 'cool' kidds call "easy" classes. I don't like to think of things as being "easy" so we will call them challange free, or those classes of being minimally challaning. Though I've fund that sometimes getting up in the moring can be a what do you call it... challenge. These past days of my illness had made me similar to a bed ridden parapoligic such as Mr. Christopher Reaves... I do belive that is the spelling of his last name.

But I shall be at that lovely learning institution which I and as do many other call school. Well I do belive that I've nothing more to report to this tome... So I off....


P.s. Love how I sounded all old and vintage... out of place... wild

Just Wild

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I think I was a parapoligic this morining [26 Mar 2004|08:39pm]
[ mood | refreshed ]

Oh yeah woke at five again, couldn't move because I was like sore and sick and what not... so I was like ummm fuck school and the stink children that go there. I woke back up at like eight and no one was up so I didn't really want the 'rents to be bothered by school calling and asking my where-abouts so I turned the ringer on the phone off...

My mom came in around nine and asked if I didn't feel good why just not tell her, since she's seen me drying the past three days.

I stayed home and I read a lot and I watched TV, not that much fun, well reading is but television is retarted... I've come to that conclusion.

And that's about it. My mom and dad went to a pawn shop and got me a copy of Rose Red the movie, which is cool but it's like only one half of the movie(I.E. missing the second tape)... But it's okay

Okay going byeee


Death is at my door... [25 Mar 2004|06:01pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Yeah, it's the second day of me being sick and feeling like I'm dying. It all started Tuesday when I took a nap. And I was sick all yesterday when we had off and now all of today. So yeah lots of fun. But I've got western medication of my side so I'll be okay.


I really want to do something tomorrow, it was so nice today. It was really what I like to call spring.

I don't really know what to write. I didn't go to school today because I woke up about five after getting about two hours of sleep and well my whole face hurt so in a great moment of though I decided that I would sleep till 40 but then just ended up passing out until like eight o'clock when my mom came in and asked why I was home and took my temperature. Fun.

I kinda miss school not going for like two days. I haven't talked to Betsy or Katy or anyone it like two days, I feel depribed. I think I should call or something. Send up smoke signels from my room, lol.

Well I don't know, I think I am gonna go pass out or something fun yey... byee

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Yoanna [24 Mar 2004|08:23pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Audrey Hepburn

Yoanna doing mock Audery Hepburn!

Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty Shots!

Isn't Yoanna beautiful?? I think she is!

::sigh:: [24 Mar 2004|01:33pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Well I think I caught a cold. I took a nap yesterday about like three or something woke up about seven with a sore throat. I though it was normal, I could have slept and been breathing through my mouth which always gives me a sore throat. But I am all conjested in my nasel area and I can feel it drip, so I've been hacking and blowing my nose every oh two minutes. Yeah really plesent stuff I must say...

I woke up around five and as like trying to pass out for about 40 minutes then get ready for school when my mom comes in and says something along the lines, "Turn your TV on and read this and see if it is the same as what I read." And I was like okay turn the TV on and I saw Liverpool was closed because of a fire or some crap. So yeah...

Arsonists on the loose in Liverpool, everyone watch out. And make sure your moist. I hear fire does't like moist.

Anyway so I have spent my day reading and just laying around my room which is actually more fun then it sounds.

Well that's about it.



[23 Mar 2004|04:12pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Eh, I don't know I've been feeling really tired lately... Today was pretty good Resource was fun, math was okay, global was good. I ate lunch with Sara, I think Angela sat with Tasha and etc. Tasha waved at me, always fun to wave back, nice manner kidds now-a-days don't have. Oh yeah in lunch like five people were like "excuse me" because they wanted to get past my chair, it made me so happy some people still have maners, I am so happy to oblidge when people use maners.

Art was okay, I finished carving my panel for step two(redue) and step three, gonna print tomorrow during academic. Should be fun. Then I get to do my sketch-book assigments(in academic)...

Oh boy also something always to look forward too, I get to yell at Mr. Spataro because you know he says he can't acept parten notes even though the nurse(Mrs. Morgan) said he is spose to do boo-yeah... Making Liz go to ISS...

Tomorrow should be fun, maybe... OMG Lit circles... someone just shoot me now, lol... dorkiness

Well that's about it... Byee


Oh brave new world that has such people in it [22 Mar 2004|09:14pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Lil' Shakespeare quote to make ya all think.

Okay so yeah today was icky, people went out of their way to make fun of my spikes... I was like well get fucken use to it, because I am gonna be doing it more.

Mr. Chrisfield gave me a fucken attitude for some reason, he's like, "No A.J. can come in because he has a bad shitty attitude..." I was like just standing there, I was like what the fuck did I do?

Anyway it was better when I was in English, I asked Ms. W what her favorite kinds of music, he's a little hardcore emo kidd... She named The Used, Deftones, Autumn before Ashes(Or some such emo-ness, Kayleigh would know)... and some other stuff... it was funny I laughed.

And the afternoon just got better, I stayed after in bio with Kayleigh and Betsy it was fun. We listened to Kayleigh's CD One Line Drawing and it was all sorts of emo. And Kayleigh confessed she has to be the only person that doesn't like Weezer(I was wearing my black Weezer shirt). I'm thinking of wearing my blue on tomorrow just because it's fun and Betsy gave it to me, so I have to rock it! Yea! Anyway we were just talking about how people ruin things. It was mainly about music and stuff and we were just talking about people who ruin it. Some interesting things came up.

I took the late bus and came home, cleaned my room which it' looking pretty spiffy right now, and that's about it.

People ruin things, they really do and then have the nerve to blame what they ruin on other... it's just not nice. But you know the world isn't a nice place.


Music... [20 Mar 2004|01:40pm]
Bjork, Rasputina, Kittie, Zwan, The Smashing Pumpkins, Cyndi Lauper, Pat Benitar, Feetwood Mac, HIM, Yeah yeah yeahs**, The White Stripes, Weezer, The Smiths, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Sixpence None the Richer, Letters to Celo, The Cranberries, Snake River Conspiracy, Anjali, Blink-182*, The Beatles, Catatonia, Daft Punk, Depeche Mode, Dido, Elastica, Fefe Dobson, Garbage, Joni Mitchell, Lousermilk, Lunachicks, Mono, No Doubt*, Nelly Furtado, Marilyn Manson, Operation Ivy**, Placebo, The Clash**, The Distillers**, The Casualties**, Ziggy Marley**, Harry Belafonte, The Flaming Lips, Korn, Alanis Morissette, The Cure**, Blondie...

*I think that I may like more music, but these were the ones that I thought of*

(*)= Anything old, not new or recent
(**)= New musical interest

I was bored


[20 Mar 2004|01:04pm]
[ mood | okay ]

*edit* "hope" should be "shop", if you couldn't figure it out on your own.

So... hey, really bored. Haven't done much today. And I'm feeling kinda chilly. I woke up around like nine-ish or something and it was bright and sunny, now it's all cloudy and gloomy, I was hoping for sunny and bright for some reason. I guess that I'm just tired of winter and it's presence in New York, it's welcome is worn out and it need to leave.

I was redecorating my room yesterday night. I was ripping CD liners out and taping them to my walls, which is always fun. Yeah we've got a varity in this selection right here: We've got your Cyndi Lauper, Kittie, Zwan, HIM, Stevie Nicks, Feetwood Mac and that's about it. It doesn't sound like much but it looks like there is a lot on my wall. I'll probably rip some more liners out and post them to my wall. Oh yeah I also(while decorating) took my No Doubt(Rock Steady) poster and inverted it. It's symbolism.
Anyway when I am done and I have my room not look like five minutes after the bombing of Hiroshima I'll take some digital pics(Because they are all the rage), and post them up here.

Oh yeah, a little Operation Ivy, a little ska, makes everyone feel good... unity, maybe it will bring some one the sunshine back, lol

I realy feel like taking pictures today, I think I'll go and get some film(black and white of course) and take some pictures. This will of couse take forever to get developed and will probably never post them so don't think I will. Don't expect. lol

(I may have talked about this but...)I changed my earing in my upper lobe, to a gold starter one(They use them in the ear guns...) anyway it feel all sorts better. Don't like itch as it did and what not. The redness has gone down so I'm happy, yey!

Holy crap! This women on TV looks like my old art teacher from like seventh and eighth grade. Hmm, I miss her, she like has her own shop now which is really cool, I should like look it up and go see her.

Anyways not really doing anything, thinking of give Betsy a call and seeing what she's doing, we could probably hang or something, I don't know, or if mama has something planed. I'm really bored.

Anywho, I think I'm done for now with stuff to talk about...

<3 A.J. xxoo


! [19 Mar 2004|07:27pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

I'm so cool, and alternative. No one understands me, my life is so fucked up! Everyone is just stupid and I didn't want to do my one homework assigment out of the thousands that I've done already. I think I listen to the coolest bands that are really 'hardcore'. I hate emo and I hate ska, because they aren't 'hardcore' like me. I give fowns and dirty looks because I want to let people know that I am mad at the world for no fucken reason. I'm just mad. I dye my hair because I'm so fucken cool and I hope where the cool kidds shop, but when I am questioned about it I lie and say something else. I think I am cool, but pretend to me longing to be cool. I just want fucken attention because no one looks at me. Yeah, I am origional...



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Fuck you! [19 Mar 2004|12:55pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

No school today, very awsome thing. I'm not doing much right now I was watching some lovely datime television programming. Oh Saint Joan, my internal clock woke me up at like 5:30 today. Crazy, I just went back to sleep. I think that I was having some weird dreams or something.

Yesterday was fun, class went very quickly, I think I got like a 90 on that math quiz it was madd easy, yey me! Lunch was fun. As it always is. I saw Poster Punk with a Bob Marley hoodie on, I was like, yeah not really punk to listen to Marley you ass. She tries sooo hard to be like what punk/alternative.

Art was fun, I almost finished with my prints they look like ass but it's okay. I have to use another plate to finish my prints ehh... after Maya, Liz and I talked with Ms. C. She's cool. We asked her what music she likes, she told us all kinds, hates emo. She likes Bowie...

Oh yeah and everyone thinks that I am sad in class. It was so funny... I don't think I am, I just wanted to get out there.

After school

I walked with Betsy today and we talked with Kile for about fifteen minutes then he was going to the mountains. He gave Betsy his very first bear stuffed-animal. It was so sweet. And Betsy and I just hung around her house. We first watched "The Nightmare before Christmas" but her mom and grandma came home and we went to the "bat cave". Then we just sat around and talked about people, yelled at some white ganstars stright from the suberbs, and I watched Andrew skate, which he is pretty good at, Betsy told me he was sponcered before. Anywho, we talked some more and then watched Hello Kitty. Which was a little confusing because it seems like they will talk about one thing and then like flash to another. But it was grand.

The day before since I didn't write about it, Betsy and I with Kile walked around, we went to Ace and Kile looked for a knife. And then we sat outside and talked. Before we walked about piercings. I think he wanted his labret or some lip area. I don't think it was the lowbrets. I changed my one new piercing to a earing that I woudn't have a reaction to. My upper lobe. I heart it. Can't wait till it heals. I want to get my Tragus, I am kinda leaning to get a Monroe piercing because they look so lovely. I really though before all of that want my nostril done, I've wanted that for so long. lol I found the name of the piercing that my cousin's boyfriend has, it called the Scaffold beautiful. Oh yeah and I found a weird piercing call the Medusa... it like above the lebret. Crazy!!

Anyway going to go, byee


Hay! [14 Mar 2004|06:17pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I was wicked bored so I pierced my ear again. This new baby is above the lobe a bit, it's like where the fat of the ear ends and the cartilage begins. Lovely. Glorious!

I told mama that I wanted to pierce all around my cartilage and she said I should like have the first top piercing(I already have) as a stud and then have all the rest that go down hoops or something like that, which is a cool idea, and it also is good because if you have like hoops and studs they can get caught and then that's just not fun. So yeah I am doing something like that, yey me! Eh.

I guess that I'm still grounded it's almost over though, two weeks but what I did was Tuesday and the "grounding" was right away so it's like gonna be over... It will be ending the 23rd. Or something like that, it's not much of a "grounding" because I will probably be staying after all this week. Eh, whatever.

Not really feeling like going back to school. Eh, I get to see Ms. Clark which is always a wrounderful thing to do.

Oh you know some people shouldn't tan, I saw this girl and he like tanned but like around her eyes was like pale for some reason, looked like she was wearing a mask or something ha ha, funny stuff.

Rasputina's new album is almost out and I am getting excited. It's going to be all sorts of fun!! Lots and lots of fun that cannot compair to earthly living, eh. Drama.

Angela and I talked on the phone for a long time last night. We or Angela is making a screen play. It's about Merly Streep's life and her addiction to cocain or heroin some drug. I'm not sure. Anyway from what Angela was coming up with it opens with Merly pouring herself a drink and she spills a little and then... BRAKES into song about cocain, and then fires her Mexican maid but talk is really really bad French to her. Ha ha ha, it was funnier on the phone. Angela and I were laughing really loud I guess and her mom picks up the other phone they have on that line and like when you do the phone makes like a weird noise and then she was like, "Angela you are being RUDE!!!" and a whole bunch of stuff. And then Angela was like, "MOM! Call me MERLY", and her mom was like, "CALL WHO IN THE MORNING???" and then called Angela dumb or something and hung up. It was really funny. I don't know life is full of suprises... enough for everyone!

Old Blink-182 is kinda okay(Music I am listening to right now because I smoosh all my music together on Windows Media player...

I wanted to go see Liz at work again but I didn't because mama and father had to go some place and I like passed out on my bed for like an hour and woke when my mom came home and then went back out for dinner. Yum. That's when I pierced my ear...

Well I don't know very bored, I should clean or something else constructive like that... byee

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. [12 Mar 2004|06:41pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

Hey, today was good. We had a delay which is always nice, the snow isn't though. I made grilled cheese sandwiches and brought one for Betsy because we were talking about them walking to Kile's house.

I worked my ass of trying to finish my global project. I did everything cept for the biblo... but I told her I didn't know how she wanted to do the MLA citation so I just gave her my sheets and she said she could show me later and not take any points off... she's awsome.

Art was okay, I did my four prints of Ville, glorious!! I did them in a pink color. It was wicked fun can't wait to get to the second step and add color... darker. I talked with Tasha, Liz and Maya which is always fun, we have the oddest conversations but it passes the time. Liz has to work today and tomorrow, I'm going tomorrow to see her and keep her company and I don't know do a little shopping.

I think Betsy was going to the mall but I wasn't sure. She said something like yeah I may be there, so I don't know. Mama was alseep when I was gonna ask her to take me to the mall. So I couldn't go. I don't think Betsy was going though. So I don't know...

I have to work on an English worksheet/Quiz something we got Thursday, stupid sub. LOL He says turn it in Monday when we have her again and I was like... um why bother doing it now?? Since I have the lit-book at home I think I'll do it there. That was a boring English I would have gladly skiped and went to Mrs. Matthews class and probably had some kind of fun. Anywho yeah.

Bleh, I'm bored. I might um clean or something, play with my hair... lol... I get bored and fiddle with my hair... lol... Well gonna go...

<3 A.J.


Really quick! [11 Mar 2004|09:14pm]
[ mood | refreshed ]

Hey today was beautiful... glorious... wounderful... every thing that you could imagine. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as good. Write more later... me-ma...grandma...grammy's gonna call back in like three mintues or so...



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